The user experience platform (UXP) also referred to as the customer experience platform (CXP) is the next step in the evolution of user-centric presentation platforms. It is one of the fastest emerging trends in UI Space. A UXP strives to provide a highly personalized and engaging user experience at all digital touch points for the end user.

A UXP is essentially a user-centric platform that provides pre-integrated capabilities to deliver exceptional user experience through a variety of delivery channels for all user touch points.The principal aim of the UXP is to facilitate high user engagement features through an integrated set of components such as search, collaboration, e-commerce, recommendations, analytics, document management, mash-ups, portal, etc. At the heart of the UXP is seamless customer experience and active engagement; all other features and technology enablers revolve around this central theme.

The UXP provides a convergence of various technology and functional capabilities so as to provide a unique value proposition to end users, business, and IT communities, and plays a vital role in providing a differentiated digital experience

Ministry of User Experience
Ministry of User Experience
Ministry of User Experience Pakistan is non-government and nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote User Experience in Pakistan
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