Mapping out the expected task flow, or the anticipated navigational path each of our personas is likely to follow, can add insight into the overall navigability of our site or application. To create this style of diagram, we start by assigning each persona its own color. We then illustrate their paths through the site map. This technique can help communicate the differences expected for each user type and can help us see how a single screen or page may need to offer multiple messages or solutions to address each unique viewpoint

In the preceding example, we show the path of someone shopping, someone looking to gather information, and another user who is seeking answers about a shipment or otherwise needing customer service support. The chart allows us to trace their most likely path. The preceding diagram shown is rather basic, and thus might show how to create this type of diagram, but might not fully illustrate its benefit. This type of diagram can be particularly helpful when we have user profiles that are very different from one another. It can help ensure that each user type gets the messaging and interface elements needed to accomplish their specific set of tasks.

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Ministry of User Experience
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