Envision the future of your product or service with a market entry strategy or future scenario. These research-based tools provide you with actionable insights to move your concept forward.

Methods & Tools, we use for Envisioning

Opportunity mapping
A user experience tool that allows you to envision future experiences that your product or service could provide.

Future scenarios
Envision how your customers could use your product or service in 5, 10 or 20 years.

Based on research insights, we build personalized stories that illustrate concepts and opportunities, and help to shape, test and validate the design of your product and service concepts.

Service blueprints
Our research and design teams map out the customer journey of the user through the steps of a service, and all of the interactions that make that journey possible.

Concept development
In workshops with clients and stakeholders, or in internal teams, we develop opportunities into concepts that can be prototyped and tested.