Design thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions. We offer training and workshops to bring design thinking approaches to companies, institutions and governments.

Methods & Tools, we use for Design Thinking

Cultural probes
Cultural probes are used in workshops and interview sessions to elicit responses, understand people’s associated emotions and attitudes, and inspire designers’ thinking.

Our researchers and designers work together to generate ideas for your product or service. These are often based on the pain points and opportunities emerging from the fieldwork.

Concept development
In workshops with clients and stakeholders, or in internal teams, we develop opportunities into concepts that can be prototyped and tested.

Design prototyping
Our research and design teams map out the customer journey of the user through the steps of a service, and all of the interactions that make that journey possibleWe develop a simulation of your service that can be tested with your target audience.

Business model canvas
Explore a variety of potential business models with this straightforward and collaborative tool.